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Looking to kick back and relax? You are in the right place. Keeping gaming casual and comfortable.

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#Just some information about me: I have been around gaming since the 90's yep the 90's. And that makes me an old guy, born way back in 1974. I know some you are thinking “Man he is older than my parents!” and I may be. But don’t let that fool you. As an avid but more seasoned gamer my plan is to keep gaming as casual and calm as possible. Gaming is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Toxicity in the communities around gaming has become an epidemic that needs to be cured. The view taken by me is that we need to stay calm and game on. Remember this is supposed to be fun!
#Gaming Rig - Fractal S2 Blackout Case - Custom Water-Loop - Assus ROG Maximus XI Formula - i9 9900ks clocked - 64GB Corsair DDR4 - Asus StriX 2080Ti 11GB - Dual M.2 SSD - LSI Raid - SSD Raid Array 8GB - 14TB Raid Array #Software - [OBS Studio ]( *Primary - [StreamLabs OBS]( *Backup - [TouchPortal]( - [Elgato Stream Deck]( - [Voicemeter Potato]( - [Reaper](
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