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Redalus streams We Were Here Forever and Magic: The Gathering.


Hi! I'm Redalus. I play video games on twitch badly. Resident 20-something UK idiot. I usually play whatever I'm feeling at the time, expect to see some Dota 2 or Artifact though. Drop a follow if you want to see my own way of playing games, or if you're not enjoying let me know how to improve, feedback is appreciated!


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If you want to support me for whatever reason, click the above Jenks to be redirected to my donation page through twitch!

Completed Games

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Contradiction: Spot The Liar! Paradigm Little Nightmares + DLC Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin Beat Cop Dark Souls 3 + DLC The Witcher 3 + DLC Life is Strange Life is Strange: Before the Storm


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We have a discord that anyone can join! Also subs have their own private channels that can use! Go to the link below to join the CARD SHARKS: https://discord.gg/BsdQYAZ