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NA Central Time... aka: 1 hour behind Eastern 2 hours ahead of Pacific 6-7 hours behind UK/Euro 14-15 hours behind Japan/Australia I try to stream every Friday around noon~till 4 and then I leave to go out to eat. Any other day I will usually try to start streams in the early afternoon my time and end them whenever I need to eat or if have a headache. If you want to know when I go live for sure join my discord! My discord is made just to notify people when I am live show off platinum trophies and see peoples pets, so feel free to join and mute every channel besides the noti channel :)

My Gaming

I play games. I have a PS4. and Xbox One S and a decent PC, but I mostly game on Playstation because I like to trophy hunt a lot of the monthly free games from PS plus and I don't value Xbox gamerscore or Steam achievements. On streams, even though the goal is usually to get trophies, I try to stick to the stories or more active parts of the games and do all the repetitive grinds off stream. I plan to start gaming on PC more and if/when I stream PC content it will most likely be multiplayer games.

What Games?

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The games I like are mostly single player story based games, usually open world RPG and FPS sorts ex. Franchises like: ~Far Cry ~Assassins Creed ~Spyro ~Jak and Daxter ~Ratchet and Clank ~Doom ~Uncharted I enjoy the occasional CoD, but am not a fan of any Battle Royale type games, although with the right group I might play them just to mess around. The games you might see me play on stream might not be ones I would necessarily go out of my way to buy but they are usually free games that have attainable platinum trophies that I want. If you are interested, you can view my Playstation stats and trophies by clicking the panel image link to my psn profile Or join my discord where i showcase my platinum trophies and when I get a new one. (Discord link on the Time panel)