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Welcome to Retro Roulette, the home of retro video games with friends! Retro Roulette consists of three best friendos Anthony, Sam, and Justin who spin the roulette wheel to determine which retro games they play/suffer through together!! We came to Twitch to avoid our doomed fate.

About Us

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Oh hey, we totally saw you there. We're Retro Roulette. A gaming channel dedicated (forced) to play games we (don't) want to until the timer stops. We stream anything and everything from classic to modern!!


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Yeah...we don't really have a super strict schedule because life, but we stream fairly frequently. Make sure to join our Discord and follow our socials to see when we're going live!!


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Where it all started! Check out loads of let's plays, reviews, past streams, and other tasty content!!


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Come join our Casino Community and feel free to talk about whatever you'd like! Click that lil' graphic to head on over!!


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Here's where you can find out when we're going live, recent uploads to our YouTube channel, and other random stuff!! A place for birds: A place for faces: