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She/her / Retro gamer and RPG lover on Twitch | Final Fantasy, Disgaea, Dragon Quest, Wizardry, DOOM, Souls, Diablo, Heavy Metal, Cats

Games Played on Stream

Siralim Ultimate Disgaea 5 (Finished) Final Fantasy IV 3D Remake Enter the Gungeon Neophyte YS IV: Ark of Napishtim

About Me

Hello, hi! I'm Rydia (she/her) and I'm a transgender variety streamer. Some of my favorite games include FF4, FFX, Disgaea 5, Dragon Quest 8, Bloodborne, and Enter the Gungeon. I also love all kinds of retro games! There's really so many to list! My first game I really remember playing was FF1! I'm pretty new to streaming and I would love to get to know you!

Channel Rules

1. No transphobia, racism, homophobia, sexism, or ableism 2. No backseating or spoilers. If you have a tip, ask first! 3. Be kind and respectful 4. No discussion of politics or religion. 5. English only 6. Have fun! [You can set your pronouns here](