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Just your average gamer. Not out here to be the best, break world records, just like to relax, enjoy playing games, and having fun. Mostly Madden streams, but also streaming retro games.

About Me

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Just your average gamer. Not out here to break records, world titles, or be the best. I love just relax, enjoy playing games, and just having fun. Positive vibes and good times are always had here! I mostly stream Madden, but also a variety of retro and current games.


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I will try my best to stick to the start times, but we all know life happens. Twitter will be updated with going live times and time changes. All times are Eastern Standard Time Sunday: 9:00pm - at least 1:00am Tuesday: 9:00pm - at least 1:00am Thursday: 9:00pm - at least 1:00am Any other surprise streams will also be posted on Twitter.

Chat Rules

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1. Be excellent to each other! 2. No racism of any kind will be allowed 3. No self promoting or spamming links unless Streamer allows. I love to help out the streaming community, but let's talk about if first. 4. No politics or religion please 5. No wagers and please don't ask for free stuff or to play me. 6. Most of all, just be a decent human being!

Social Media

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Follow me on Twitter to let you know when I go live and other random shenanigans!


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Thank you very much for your consideration. Please note that any donation will go towards stream upgrades and giveaway. Donations are not required, but are very much appreciated.