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Rewolfnus streams Dead by Daylight.

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To check Commands - !command Currency is my love back to you guys for supporting me, it will have many uses, such as bet or challenge each other. Under maintenance for Currency: - Songrequest - Gifts (games/gift cards)

Game rules for myself!

Dead by Daylight: Survivor: Perks I ban: - All Exhaustion perks (except Head on) - DS - Spine Chill is still on debate Here is all my Fun builds i have:

Schedule of Games

Mon-Wednesday: Dead by Daylight Thursday: A random game Friday: Random game as well Sat: off Sunday: Maybe stream another random game

Behind the Scenes!

Artist: - Katsaur: My main DP pictures: - BaDKaRMa: Emotes (twitter in pending) - Hypno: Banner: Hypno_TV


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This is not necessary, just want you guys enjoy the stream and chill, if you guys do so, it will be going toward the stream with better equipment. (Sorry All donations are non-refundable) THANK FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!
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Come hang out! We don't bite! come... play... with.... us....
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Welcome to the 4305! Streaming for mostly for fun. I love company while playing. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy! I play all sort of genre of games! Obvious Rules! 1. Have fun and treat everyone nice.... be nice to everyone and get to know one another! 2. I am open constructive criticism, I want to be a better streamer/player 3. Please don't ask to be a Mod. 4. Enjoy the stream, I do NOT care about spoilers for anything, saves me time in life. 5. If you are Stream sniping, I DON'T CARE, its part of the game if I didn't want to get snipe I wouldn't of stream 6. If you don't know why I like Sunflora, read my name again.
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I upload and try all sort of stuff, feel free to follow me and stalk me.... ya.... lets go with that term.