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Sup y'all my name is Reyn and i'm trash. I'm a rapper, singer and audio engineer that likes to play a lot of video games and watch anime. I hope you'll stick around and watch me be bad at video games

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I'm a music teacher who just likes anime and video games wayyy too much. I write music and teach music for a living. Not a GOOD living but a living none-the-less! I stream for fun since I love to play video games its cool playing with others. I'm a super sociable person so welcome to anyone dropping by and to anyone who decides to return. Rig by the awesome [Hal]( PNG art by alcremilk. Sub icon by JindoVT Intermission GIF by [Clay](

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I'll stream mostly on Friday, and Saturday nights from around 6PM-12PM pst. Mondays i'll stream around 10am to at least 3PM. Streaming schedule will change sometime because of work, but i'll try to keep it consistent. My twitter handle is Reynydaze if you wanna follow me and see my music just click on the picture


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1. Don't be a grade A dick. We're all dicks sometimes and teasing is fine (we do it with love) but if you're being a grade A dick, that don't fly. 2. No racism. Simple and to the point. 3. Be respectful to others. Use common sense. 4. Have fun!


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I don't have the best specs but this is what I got... Computer: I5 9600k, MSI Z390 Motherboard, NVIDIA GTX 970, 16G DDR4 Ram. (The perfect Specs for runescape.) Peripherals: Logitech G502 Mouse, Logitech G432 Headset, FNATIC Keyboard, Mordred Mousepad (the most crucial part of the build.)


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If you ever choose to donate, bless your angelic soul. No money will go to me, i'll probably invest it back in the stream somehow. I'll probably have polls or something to see what WE use the money on.