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Filthy casual from the 80's I play action platformers and shooters. I started speedrunning in 2018 and focus on Retro and retro inspired games. Yeah Buddy!


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SPEEDRUN.COM Profile: Mega Man Leaderboards Profile: Earthworm Jim Any% SNES- 24:28 (former WR) TMNT NES Any% - 17:46 TMNT NES Race Edition Any% - 17:56 Mega Man X 100% - 37:57 MMX Any% - 34:40 MMX Buster Only - 1:02:26 MMX 24MAVS - 1:15:08 Mega Man 2 Zipless - 30:01 Mega Man 3 - 38:15 Mega Man 4 - 39:49 Mega Man 9 - 39:18 Mega Man 11 - 37:39 Doom 2016 Legacy% 1:44:55 Kirbys Dream Land Extra Mode - 12:51 The Messenger 8bit No OOB - 35:20 Metroid Zero Mission Any% - 44:46 Link's Awakening 2019 Glitchless - 1:57:20 DKC Tropical Freeze (Funky Only) - 1:58:03 Cyber Shadow Any% - 1:32:29


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1 bit and anything not a menu item - Warrior 25 bits - Dikemebe! 30 bits - Rejected! 35 bits - Rejection! 50 bits - Chainsaw 69 bits - Nice! 75 bits - Cup of Coffee in the big time 100 bits - Bamboo Creek 150 bits - Every time we touch!

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Tips! Whata ya even DOIN!? WOW! All donations go into the stream! usually controllers and games. Super appreciated and totally unexpected! and not necessary!
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Hello I'm Rift, from East Coast Canada. I work crazy hours, raise a small family, and love to game with some of my downtime. I play shooters, Retro games and I speedrun Action Platformers like MegaMan. Repetition is the path to mastery Yeah Buddy!!
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Be kind to one another No racism or other discrimination to people No religious or political debates/arguments Please don't ask for MOD or VIP Read to your KIDS! This channel is intended for mature audiences.