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Welcome to my stream! Online I go by Rin. I am a variety streamer! I play games, study Korean, and work on art stuff! I have my TEFL certification(recently completed lol) and work part-time, while working on myself full-time lol.

Important Notes

###Events ###Credits Channel Art: Me Study Stream Overlay: Me Art Stream Overlay: Made on Canva

Stream Goals!

###FollowerGoals 100 Followers ✔️ 200 Followers - Beanboozled Challenge! 400 Followers - Those Nasty Soda Pop Drinks! 500 Followers - Cosplay! You choose the character! 750 Followers - Date-Night Themed Dress-up! 1000 Followers - 24 Hour Stream! (Possibly a haunted location hMMMM?!) ###SubGoals 10 Subs - Haku Cosplay Stream! ✔️ 25 Subs - New Twitch Emote! 40 Subs - Special IRL Stream! 100 subs - Decide which game I play through next!


Try out these commands! !petJiji !8ball (question) !gamble (points) !donut !discord !donate !lurk !unlurk !followage
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**Subscribe!** **Perks** * -A shout out to all new subscribers at the end of the current stream! * -Emotes! * -A private discord channel on the server!

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Where To Find Me

[Instagram]( [YT Channel]( [Twitter](
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The rules for this channel follows that of the Twitch guidelines: -No Hate Speech/Explicit Sexual language -Be respectful of each other! -I know I can be pretty bad at games but PLEASE NO BACK SEAT GAMING. I just wanna have fun and chat with y'all <3 -Let's keep this place positive, safe, full of love, and support for each other! If the streamer talks about or jokes about something it is not an invitation for individuals in the chat to break the channel rules or Twitch's community guidelines. Thank you!

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