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Introducing: RIPRunners. Salt-free speedrunners with positive vibes. We shoot for PBs and WRs, and embrace all the RIPs along the way.

RIPRunners Mini-Event

==================================== The RIPRunners are running a quick little event! No incentives, no donation goals -- just some good clean fun. You can expect approximately 12 hours of mostly speedrunning content! Schedule here: []( Saturday Feb 17th @ 10AM EST
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Saturday Night Showdown is a collaborative event where RIPRunners work with the MoonBros on bringing you events every 1-3 Months! **[Follow us on Twitter (@RIPRunners)]( to stay up to date!**
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Salt-free speedrunners with positive vibes. [](


==================================== []( This event isn't revenue driven. Any contributions whether it be bits/subs/donations will go towards our costs for running future events (e.g. hardware / software / travel expenses .. etc).

Sorry for the mess!

==================================== We're currently redoing all of our artwork, so please excuse the lack of panels