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I do 3d stuff


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Learn to create 3d Art, with AAA Industry workflows! Watch development of Video games and Updates! Learn skills to make your own games and graphics!


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Programs That I use. Modo/Blender(Modeling) AffinityPhoto/AffinityDesigner(Texturing) Substance Painter(Texturing) Substance Designer(Texturing) ZBrush 2019(Scultping, Texturing) 3d Coat/TopoGun(Texturing, Sculpting, Retopology) Marvelous Designer

SketchFab Models

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Check out my latest Sketchfab Models and maybe even download them for your project!!

Substance Share

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Here you can download some assets I made for the Substance Community!


I pretty much allow Anything. Im an easy going guy and take nothing personal. But if it offends anyone in the chat then that part of the conversation needs to be put on the back burner and we need to move on. Be polite, and offer constructive criticism, and have fun....otherwise, whats the point?

Products and freebies

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Here you can purchase some basic assets I've create for sale to support the Stream and myself. These will help you with your games or projects. Hope you find them very Helpful.
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Helpful Streamers

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Twitch Teams

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