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Hiya sorry for disappearing for a while. Hope you all are well <3

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-------------NY Eastern Time------------ Tuesday 6pm - Wednesday 6pm - Sundays 11am Follow on Twitter for updates ^_^ Thanks again to @YoYoGamingTv for my emotes, they are so cute! Thanks @Fubzilla for my intro, it's so lit! Thanks at @RubenR101 for my overlay, it's adorabble!
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Thank you so much for you support in follows, subs, hosts, and tweets. I really appreciate all your support! Also special thanks to those who've donated. July Donations: Aef_Kagemaru1987 ~! ------------------------- ZagsAlmighty -- Golden Loot Box~! ------------------------ VpZangatsu ------------------------ Cakemanslim ------------------------ Hidefmovies ------------------------ Umlaut ------------------------ Greyphaqse ------------------------ T10LWN Subscribers: ♥VpZangatsu♥ ♥Fiercedino080 ♥SevvieRose ♥2offivestrike ♥Amazinggt23 ♥Agenttexluna ♥HiiMNev ♥AnonSkip ♥KG_T10LWN ♥TekkenTim ♥PimpMetal ♥Almarick
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Follow my twitter for updates about when I'll stream~!
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Cosplays, winky face


I post videos weekly every Sunday ^_^