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Welcome to my channel where we explore new hobbies and learn with the community!

Welcome to RollieRollie_'s Channel!

Hello and welcome friends! This is my channel where we and chill and get to know and and learn from each other. I want to focus on building a community where we can all chill and get along :D

About Me!

**Name**: Rolando **Favorite Ice Cream**: Mint Chocolate Chip **What Do You Usually Stream?**: Little bit of this, Little bit of that. Currently working on mechanical keyboards.


+ Processor: Core I7-4790K + Ram: Corsair Vengeance 16 GB DDR3 + Graphics Card: Zotac 2060 Super + Memory: 500GB Samsung EVO + Western Digital Black 1TB Hard Drive + Power Supply: Corsair AX 760i + Mouse: Model - O Wireless + Headset: AudioTechnica M50x