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I am the sound of a marble that is rolling. I play bideo games. I love bideo games. Very random. Lawful Neutral. Follow my Instagram for Schedule times and updates.


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Just an oddball who loves video games in general, music, anime, wrestling, comics, and a lot of other things. I play a variety of games, and try to share my experience on stream with everyone just for fun. I just wanna play games and vibe, and its always cool to vibe with others while games habben. I have plans for building up this channel and stream as time progresses, so do expect better things to come as we roll along. Stay Legendary Always! and Follow the sound!

Subscribing, Bits, Tips

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Clicking on the Blue Marbles right above this text will link directly to my Tip Page. All are not necessary but truly do help a long way. All money will go directly into improving the stream and apply towards hopefully achieving a status where I can stream full time and spend more time with everyone on my path to achieving my dream as the Hokage of the hidden village of the memes. I truly appreciate your time and consideration as well and thank you again for everything and so much more!

Current Game Plate and Schedule

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Schedule varies due to work. Please see my Instagram Stories for updates and everything going on. The marbles above this text link Directly to my Insta! Feel free to shoot me a follow for times! CURRENTLY POLAYING: - Omori - Grandia 2 - Crusader No Regret - Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Hades - Phantasy Star Universe: Clementine - Touhou Luna Nights - Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age - Killer Instinct - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - FINAL FANTASY XIV - Halo Infinite - Octopath Traveler

Los Commandmeneties/RULES

- Thou Shalt be Kind and Excellent to one Another - Thou Shalt not Backseat - Thou Shalt not Spoil - Thou Shalt not harass anyone - Thou Shalt not be a toxic person - Thou Shalt always go further beyond - Thou Shalt be of age 18 or above to watch the channel. This is a mature channel, I use profanities at times. - Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, and Discrimination will not be tolerated in this channel at all. We like to keep it fun, friendly and safe here, with a chill vibe that is welcome to all hoomans and non hoomans.