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just a coy boy named roy

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Other Streamers to check out (most are GW2) Buy mugs here (also watch the stream): [Ajaxx]( WvW Streams: [Bezainaz]( [Rediche]( [Expandas]( [Herko]( [Dani]( [Mental]( [Arky]( [Major]( [Stark]( PvP [Cam]( - PvP Champion of the People [PMAngeels]( - Engineer [Boyce]( - Multiclass [Joe]( - Ranger/Multiclass [Vallun]( - Multiclass (main thief) [Sind]( - Thief God [Helseth]( - Mesmer [Chao]( [Grimjack]( - Ele [Blamthrax]( - Ele [Jebro]( Streams lots of games besides GW2 as well, check him out! [Trama]( - Rev/Warrior [Kate]( - Ranger [Rom]( - Ranger [Helio]( - Multiclass God PvE [Teapot]( [Mela]( [Raava]( [Pang]( [Souls]( [Mukluk]( [Enko]( [Deaxxon]( [Nike]( [Plenyx]( [Envy]( - Also PvP [Maeric]( [Xeberneth]( A Very Cool Guy (used to play GW2, now he's an OW Pro) [Hybrid](
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Its pretty dead
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