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i speedrun a lot of games


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-Dont be mean to others -Dont shit talk other streamers or my mods -DM if you have a problem with my stream, dont bring it up in MY chat -If you dont like my chat, then leave -Cursing is allowed, just dont go crazy

DONATE (If you want to) :D

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Donating is very much appreciated :D but not needed. The money will go into making the stream better for you guys and gals out there <3And also food cuz i get hungry xd

Bout Me

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I speedrun a lot of stuff :)
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This is my youtube channel link :D theres not much, just usually PBs and highlights.

Info Design Credit

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sbsonic is a twitch buddy who was kind enough to make these designs. He streams OSU which is a cool rhythm game and sometimes some Super Mario 64. Go check him out ;v
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My discord, we all stupid in here :)

Bit Rewards

# 10 bits (or 500 channel points) bwomp # 100 Bits TTS (Text to Speech) # 110 Bits Those are Dead puppies 💀 Credit: Tiktok user - @latenight911 # 150 Bits Nuclear Fart Credit: Youtube - "Nuclear Fart" by Zilla # 200 Bits Drowning SHAKAN Credit: Youtube - "Drowning rubber chicken" by SethX 132 # 250 Bits or 10,000 Channel Points Donnie Thornberry Credits: Youtube - "Donnie Throws Plate Like A Boomarang " by ShadowNumber206 # 300 Bits Crazy Cartoon Slip OBUYBOUYBOYU Credit: Youtube - "Cartoon crazy run slip & crash sound effect" by Mang Odiyyy #400 Bits or 15,000 Channel Points Spinning Cockroach :) Credits: Youtube - "Dancing Roach Autotune [HD Remaster] - Extended Cut" by Riflly2