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Hi~ I turn everything into cutesy and bouncy ways OwO

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Hiya. I am Ruby. I am current a student, so I just mainly stream on my leisure time. I love to interact with my community. Hope you enjoy my streaming ā¤ļøā¤ļø
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I am trying my best to "squeeze" my stream schedule cause I go to school and work as well. Plus, I am a sleepy girl so... There comes some sleeping day TTwTT


Here art da credits of artwork/product that I got from other people (or made myself). Please check them out at their store or Twitter for future commission interest =w= šŸŒŗ **Emotes** by me OwO šŸŒŗ **Badge** by me UwU šŸŒŗ **Overlay & Screen** (updating soon) by me šŸŒŗ **Stinger** by [Spvwvky]( ([Twitter]( šŸŒŗ **Flower n Paw screen effect** by [Nyaakii]( ([Twitter]( šŸŒŗ **Poncho GIF-Tuber:** Art by [Shoyo]( | Animation by me
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Donation aren't required, but it could helps me "survive" and improve my stream. If you do wanna feed this chill girl and her fur babies, click on the panel to show your love~~~ Notes: All donations are non-refundable and will not grant any special treatment or favoritism, except during events or I mention in the chat about that! <3 I appreciate your donor whether how much you give meee >////< **STREAMLABS DONOR** ---delta_star: $20--- ---Shrinamisha: $23.84--- ---Nendoroid7453: $50--- ---Zuzuzuk: $5--- ---sunnyesther: $25--- ---PyuPyurin: $5--- --- Maonoir: $70 --- --- Austeknight: $145 --- --- OutlandishCarlos: $3 --- --- Furpur: $32 --- --- Muffinsaur: $10 --- **KO-FI SUPPORTER** --- AnAc0rn: $20--- **SILENT HERO** --- Someone supported $70 on Ko-fi 04/04/2021--- =======L.o.a.d.i.n.g========
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Interested in pay-to-use emotes and other cutie stream assets? Click on the link to check them out UwU


ā–¶ If you enjoy my chilling zone, do not forget to **FOLLOW ME** ļ¼ˆ=Ā“āˆ‡ļ½€=ļ¼‰ ā–¶ **SUBSCRIPTION** If ya wanna support me via stream, consider subscribing me :3 Here are some perks that you can claim as subscribers: -- Avoid annoying ads -- Access to cutie emotes in and out of my stream -- Tier 2 extra perk: chibi headshot -- Tier 3 extra perks: chibi bust-up/half body
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For full questions, click on the F.A.Q. panel. Here are some of the tiny questions you can have a look: **ā–¶ Who designs most of the arts here?** I design them uwu **ā–¶ How long have you been drawing?** I start drawing traditionally like 9 years ago, but I was not do this too often. I started drawing digitally around Nov 2020 when I finally have my current tablet. **ā–¶ What program do you use to draw?** I use Paint Tool Sai to draw and SPINE for animation for now. **ā–¶ Do you do commission?** Yes, I mostly do emotes with other Twitch materials, chibi and anime drawing. Check out my commission info and slots via my Twitter **ā–¶ Where can I ask for more questions?** Feel free to ask me more question in the chat or on my discord.
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Interested in having your own emotes and other Twitch materials for your channel? Click on the picture and find out the way :D


**December 9th, 2020** First stream ( Ā“ ā–½ ` )ļ¾‰ **December 25th:** Received first raid from [HeartStar]( āŠ‚((惻ā–½ćƒ»))āŠƒ **January 3rd, 2021:** Got accepted from Art Insomniacs and reached 50 followers!!!! (ā‰”^āˆ‡^ā‰”) **January 11th, 2021:** On-going Affiliate application (ļ¼āŒ’ā–½āŒ’ļ¼) **January 13th, 2021:** Official Affiliate (ļ¼āŒ’ā–½āŒ’ļ¼) **January 17th, 2021:** 15th Subs **January 27th, 2021:** 100 followers **February 5th, 2021:** 30th (to 36th) Subs O___O Thank you [Nendoroid7453]( for your support and became our first VIP<3 **March 9th, 2021:** 200 followers **March 11th, 2021:** 222 followers **June 27th, 2021:** 444 followers ------=====LOADING=====------


Please read the rules, 'cause I and my awesome mods can mute ban you if you violate them (even though I do not wanna do so :<) Here are the rules that you can keep in mind: --- English please. Please translate if ya talk into other languages. ---Stay positive an chill. ---Be respectful and kind to everyone ---I am open for all feedback (given in a positive way :D) ---No hate texts, including racism, sexism, homophobia, bullying, self-harm, dark comments ---I open to talk about culture but not much in politics and religion (deeply) ---No rude joke ---No personal info (it is too dangerous n creepy, guys. Trust me!!!) ---I will ask you to promo when you raid/host, or else, no promo please or I will ban immediately --- Use /me or redeem "highlight" instead of cap locks ---Do not ask me about my personal info (unless I am willing to share it myself, of course)
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