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My lil' corner of Twitch where I stream the games I'm getting trophies for.


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I'm Lance (You can call me Rusty too if you wanna) I'm a variety streamer who plays games for digital trophies most of the time. Take it easy here and and say hi, or lurk, your presence is always appreciated!!

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I appreciate you being here and you're never obligated to donate as long as you're here, dems da breaks! I just like playing video games for you all!! Tips are appreciated nonetheless I love money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Da Rules

• Be nice to everyone • This is an LGBT+ open chat, please respect that • Using slurs of any kind will not be tolerated • No spoilers of any kind, real or fake • Easy on backseating, let me suffer a lil, ya? • If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in chat

Credits to the wonderful people

Emotes l [Sara]( Alert Animations l [Kaips]( Stream Buddy l [Ember]( & [PK]( Offline/BRB Screens l [Zwiebelprinz]( Stream Starting Soon Screen l [Kaisouafuro](