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I am RustyPieLover. Ginger Streamer. Professional High Pitched Screamer and Entertainer Extraordinaire. Thank you for stopping by here. Consider a follow and enjoy some lovely streams, screams and dreams coming true!

Gift of the Gamers Charity

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Please consider donating to our cause of #GiftoftheGamers! Mettlestate and Gamers Territory (Makoto Matlou Foundation) aim to raise money and collect gaming hardware (mouses, monitors, PCs, keyboards, headsets, etc.) to donate to youth in underprivileged areas. Donors can either donate financially or drop off/courier their second-hand hardware at the Mettlestate offices in Paulshof. No donation is too small; every little bit makes a difference! We are deep into the 4th Industry Revolution, and computer literacy and access are vital to all citizens. This campaign aims to provide accessibility and enable underprivileged youth to excel in a tech-driven world by providing funds and hardware. Financial donations will go directly to Gamers Territory (Makoto Matlou Foundation) to empower and help them provide hardware to underprivileged youth. Hardware donations will also go directly to the Organisation. Mettlestate and Gamers Territory will deliver the hardware once collections close

My Little Story

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This is my little story for you all I am a a South African born ginger, ready to entertain you to the absolute max. I don't have a set few things i do, i enjoy giving you all a little variety for your viewing pleasure In 2013, i started my content creation journey with, what could quite possibly be, the worst Slender - The 8 Pages video you will probably ever see. But here we are, all these years later, with one simple dream. To entertain many, to create smiles and make dreams come true!

My Mission

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Everyone has their own mission and reason why they stream. Some people want to do this full time, others do this because they love it, and others do it as a fun pass time. Me? I do all of those and more. My mission on Twitch is to build a thriving community, where we all come together and change the world. My mission is to be able to get to a point where we can make massive difference in charity events and lives across the globe.

Rules for Streams

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These are the rules: * Be Respectful * No Racism * No Sexism * No Hatespeech/Threatening * No Spam * No Self Promotion * Do NOT mention Viewer Count or how Quiet Chat is. We vibing here * Trolling will be tolerated to a point. Expect Timeouts and Bans if you are excessively looking for trouble. * DON'T Apologize if you are busy with life stuff * Don't ask me to change the game or backseat unless asked * Please respect the mods. Any violation will result in a timeout/ban from my mods or I.

Sub Goals for 2023

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Here are the new goals for 2023! 500 Subs - Dye/Shave the Beard! (Chat's Choice) 600 Subs - Funko Pop Giveaways! 700 Subs - Game Giveaway! 800 Subs - Hot Tub Stream! 900 Subs - Chair Giveaway! 1000 Subs - Tasteful Risque Calendar

Twitch Goals

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Here are some of my goals for 2022 * Reach 4000 Followers * Apply for Partnership * Giveaway a chair this year * Raise over R 15 000 for charity * Start on our campaign

Thanks for the Tip!

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While I appreciate any and all donations made to the channel, please do NOT feel obligated to do this. Your presence here is more than enough and I cannot thank you enough for the love you show me.

RPL Merch Here!

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RustyPieLover Merch is now available! We have the following : * Hoodies - Perfect for Winter and your Partner * T-Shirts - Perfect , whenever and wherever * Cups - The best way to have a hot beverage * Keyrings - Your mom will think you're cooler than ever Any support on this is immensely appreciate and loved <3

Consider Subscribing!

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Consider Subscribing to the Channel! You get THESE cool benefits: * Ad Free Viewing, because who likes ads?🔥 * Awesome Emotes for you to Spam! 🔥 * A Pretty cool notification if you do 🔥 * Endless Praise from the Pie Lord 🔥 * If we get 5 Gifted, ONE FREE CHAOS! 🔥


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We have a fun little thing here for everyone in chat! LET CHAOS REIGN is a 20 000 Channel Point redemption that allows YOU to SPAM THE EVER LOVING *censored* OUT OF THE CHANNEL POINT REDEMPTIONS We DO have some rules though: * Do NOT spam the channel point redemptions UNLESS Chaos is redeemed * Chaos lasts ONLY for 2 minutes, unless a HYPE train is active! * Any spam outside of this may result in a timeout ENJOY THE CHAOS!