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Welcome to the Channel! Here you will find a couple that is Married, that is learning to cook, loves to talk, and also Explore. Come pull up a seat and join us in the Kitchen, share your view on Sundays Talkshow, and even come sightseeing with us as we do random IRLs. We love meeting people!


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I am a Variety Streamer here on Twitch that enjoys to stream Cooking, Talkshows, and IRL with my wife Lady Naginata. We live in the tiny state of Rhode Island, and have 2 dogs. I like to go hiking, eat food, have good conversation, and play video games. I am here on Twitch to share our kitchen, some photos, my thoughts, and build a positive community to help build each other up!


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Come join the discord and become more part of the family, In Discord we run our Pic & Dish contest weekly(this is where we take the votes), you can get updates on when and what we are streaming, and you can share your Photos, articles, and experiences while meeting more of the community. This is also a great tool to help Lady and I get to know you better!


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You can contact me by E-Mail, Mail, Discord, twitter, and Instagram. Rusty Rhymez 1800 Mendon Road, Suite E-155 Cumberland, RI 02864


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No racism Dont be rude Dont be vulgar Share the love Be respectful Dont spread hate Positive vibes only


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Check me out on instagram!!! You will see pictures of food that we cook on stream and some we cook off, and you will also see dogs and sunrises post as well!


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Check out the awesome Merch, This is where you can buy some swag so you can rock it while helping support the streamer. You can get t shirt, hoodies, Stickers, Mugs and more coming!


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Come follow me on twitter To know when I go live and See the latest photos and dishes


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If you feel the need to tip, please know it will all go directly into the food, equipment, and growth of this channel. All tips are non-refundable.


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you can check out my Tik Tok here!


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I have an Xbox with a Avermedia ultra capture card that is connected to my PC CPU: Intel Core i7 7700k @ 4.2ghz RAM: 32gb GPU: Nvidia 1080 ti Storage: 1TB SSD, 4TB HHD PSU: 750 watt Mic: blue yetti