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Welcome to my Twitch Channel, I am Ryo Marise! Your former KPOP Idol Trainee and College student now turned vampire! It's nice to meet you and let's get along~

| Socials |

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Here are my socials & where to find me on: - Twitter: @MariseRyo - Steam: Ryo Marise - Origin: MariseTV - Discord: Realms Discord

| Dearest People |

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Please give these people a follow, love and support. I wouldn't be here without these people who are dear to me and are my euphoria. - Minami (Minami707chan) - HeyKaisky - Kappako_Channel - Janiwhoops - AiriLunaris - x_nekorii_x - xMemegu - Nica_Knight - KiniNyaru - FrayRyzYT - Simulanze - Lovecommanewton - Rosechan - BadLuckJinx03 - Vippy_042 - YuriKossori - m0m0_ichig0 - Vitamin_Sie - Mechs_Vtuber - NyxNyte17 - DawnHeart53 - Hollowsir - NyanJunna - KradZeroTwo - Sotsotboy789 - ItsSyv - Shiro__ei - Nomoose15 - Bbanxie - Kaslinsassori111 - Kakiieee - ZekaryArtzy - Sephnii - Ayasunrise_ - WushiiVT - AmarisLunaaaa - ArisuFuruya - TheWolfHacker / Wolf.Ch - DoroPanda - JustAirrad - Kokokonatsuuu - CrowKurono - ChronusTheDragon - Saberlife - AbyssRainsworth - Ishida_Miu - NakaMiyuyu - Udonsen - Kou12AM - Mahco - Ryan_a1122 - AruginShirogane - Sthvdpa Groups - Neko Teahouse (Group I'm in) - Mahou Morning - LoveIslandVT - PolarisVT

| Rules |

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Rules to follow on my stream: - Follow Twitch ToS - No disrespectful behaviour towards me, mods or anyone in chat - No hate speech - No racism - Don't ask to join in my stream whether I'm in a collab or solo stream unless it is shown or I allow it (Friends are always welcome to join me on my solo streams) - Listen to what mods will say - No self-promo or promoting others without my permission - No doxxing of anyone in chat - Enjoy the stream and have fun!

| About Me |

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Hello I'm Ryo Marise, it's nice to meet you! I am a Pre-Debut PNGTuber from Australia who is your former KPOP Idol Trainee! I hope you're able to enjoy my streams and we become good friends! I love supporting other VTubers and will sometimes raid new VTubers in the community to show them support and spread the love everyhere~

| Lore |

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I'm an immortal vampire that used to be a human until one day, unexpected events happened which led to my demise, or it should've... When I was a human, I was a college student who enjoyed being with friends, driving, learning music and aimed to become the next big K-POP Idol. Along the way in life I met lovely friends that I'll always cherish as well as a special person, life was amazing until one day everything suddenly fell apart... To be continued... [Lore currently in progress]

Neko Teahouse VT Group

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I am a former member of the now disbanded Neko Teahouse (2021 - 2022), a streaming group consisting of VTubers and PNGTubers. Please support all the members, they all deserve the love and support :) - Minami707chan (Neko Queen VSinger / My Waifu) - x_nekorii_x (Neko Artist & VA) - Nica_Knight (Knight Protector of the Teahouse) - RyoMarise (me / Former KPOP Idol now new-born Vampire) - AiriLunaris (Grand Master Ancient Vampire / my grandma) - Janiwhoops (The Cute, Friendly and Artist/Dream Protector) - xMemegu (The Wandering PixelTuber and Energetic Sushi Chef) - BadLuckJinx03 (My Older Brother Vampire and Pro FPS Gamer)