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Monster hunting Dragonlord that has found the love of waifus and storytelling as an alternative drug.

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Donations are always expected and never appreci....nevermind. Joking aside, if you are even remotely interested in dropping moneys so that I can gradually improve the stream, please at least stay a while and enjoy your time. If you are sure of your decision though, I'll be eternally in your debt (figuratevely speaking, I do not grant favors). Also consider suscription so you can get the awesome badges and cool emotes (work in progress) that I will pay someone to make with (your money) the stream winnings.
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Used to stream tons of monster hunter, haven't really been that happy with fith gen BUT I will sometimes stream it if I feel like it, or the pressure is too much. I love Raiden (Either Ei or Mei) so that is that. Love MTG, love action RPG's and love turn based RPG's. Storytelling in videogames is awesome. I'm quite the anime lover so be chill and give me your hot takes. For news and updates about the stream and what I am doing follow me at twitter where I update every time I remember (which is not a lot). I will try to stream mainly in english but, as its not my mother language and I have lost some confidence in my spoken english I will switch back to spanish to rest my tonge. Direct questions will be answered in english and if you are curious about my swearing, you may learn some spanish bad words along the way! Lastly, I welcome you to my tempest, hope you have fun and enjoy the time spent here.
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-Respect above all. -Can and will make fun of streamer, but also be amazed of his SKILLZ. -Backseating is allowed, but don't overdo it. -I don't really want to censor languages but prioritize languages the streamer and mods understand which is mostly english and spanish. -IF there are controversial takes and want to participate or make you uncomfortable, please do be aware that