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Hello, my name is Rob or RZeroB. I am a laid-back class clown type of guy, so if you want to laugh, joke, or clown around, or just clown on me I am your guy. Follow me on Twitter @Real_RZeroB, TikTok @RZeroB, & YouTube (Click the YouTube Panel).


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The rules in this channel are simple & easy: 1. Respect the STREAMER 2. Respect the MODS 3. Respect other VIEWERS 4. NO PROMOTING OF ANY KIND 5. NO SEXUAL, OR RACIAL TALK OF ANY KIND OR YOU WILL BE BANNED


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ALL My stream work is done by Dragonrossx3. Check him out on discord by clicking the panel.


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Join my Discord & lets talk Sports, Games, Life. Lets help one another, click this link to join:


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I have a couple of YouTube channels I am apart of here are the links for both: Personal: Talk Show:


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NEW!! Schedule as of 02/27/2023 Monday: 9a - 11:15a EST Tuesday: 9a - 11:15a EST Wednesday: 9a - 11:15a EST Thursday: 9a - 11:15a EST Friday: OFF Saturday: OFF Sunday: OFF


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Check me out on TikTok for daily uploads of gameplay & funny vids. Search RZeroB or just click the panel to go right to my page, be sure to follow!


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Follow me on twitter @Real_RZeroB or just click twitter image and it will take you right to my twitter page.


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If you are enjoying the stream and would like to support more, click the SUBSCRIBE button you see here or type !sub in chat to click link and right to my page where you can hit the sub button. Subbing isn't required but is very much appreciated! Thank you for your support.


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Donations are never required, however they are greatly appreciated! All donations will go directly back to the stream to improve it , help support my family, and to be put towards SUB GIVEAWAYS for the viewers. This is protection to the streamer, for the tip being received. By clicking on the tip with pay-pal button and completing the transaction you hereby certify you are the rightful owner of the funds being donated in this transaction and cannot be withdrawn/charged back. We have a 100% no refund policy (CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES MAY RESULT IN REFUND), only donate if you have the money to donate and the mois yours. Thanks for the support!