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Sadolution streams Among Us, Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST and Super Metroid.

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* How old are you? >>*I'm 31* * Where are you from? >>*I'm from Germany* * When do you stream? >>*Unfortunatly, i don't have a fixed schedule* >>*Just hit the follow button and you will be notified!!*
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* No spamming/trolling/flaming * No bad talking about other vierwers/streamers and their chat * Don't ask me for Mod * Please ask me for permission before posting links or advertising. * Don't discuss bans/timeouts in chat, pm me if there's a problem. * Please be respectful and courteous to everyone else in chat. * Use the chat! I try my best to interact with all of you, don't be shy!
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The Focus on this Stream will be: DBD Osu! Platformers of any Kind Some Strategy games [Osu!-Profile]( I also play some other games from time to time: Super Metroid Slay the Spire LoL Crypt of the Necrodancer

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# English: Osu!: [L1mi]( [Iaceo]( Other Games: [Alucard2004]( [Wildanaconda69]( [GranmasGotGame]( [Koraline](