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Howdy All, Saga here and we enjoy playing all sorts of gaming genres and having a blast with the wonderful community! So come join the awesome community and have a save heaven to always come to.


Saga Media streams Mon-Fri 5PM- 8PM Central time while Sat-Sun- Times shall vary *~Current Game: Good question~* Currently this is on Hold... Trying to get things take care of IRL, so when I do stream it should reflect this when I can. I do apologize for this inconvenience. -IRL is starting to calm down, trying to get back on track with our schedule once again.-

Chat Rules

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I want chat to be relax and enjoyable place to be. Everyone should feel safe and invited and freely discuss videogames. Chat Rules are as follows - § Respect the Broadcaster and Moderators. § Respect the other viewers, be thoughtful of them, help them with questions instead of hindering §If you ask for Mod then you are pushing yourself further away from ever being a mod. If you wish to be a mod find ways to help the stream, grow our lovely community. Your actions will be noted and very well could aid in the position of becoming a mod. § No advertising § Do not ask for giveaway § Keep it clean. Nothing overtly sexual, gross, or profane § Please keep cursing to a minimum, like to keep it PG16. no F-Bombs. § No repeated post over and over again. We don't want to clog the chat. (This rule is half disregarded during Twitch Plays) § No excessive caps and symbols. § Withhold story spoilers. § We want to respond to every viewer so we ask to keep it in English. § Raid me! - I realize that some Twitch users don't like being raided; however, I don't mind at all and I say go ahead! Here it is, written as a rule. You've my permission to raid me, so what are you waiting for? Just do it! Surprise me! ^_^ Have a good time watching and have fun joining the family!


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Join the awesome group and perhaps find a friend to play co op with! ^^


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If you would like to send a tip/donation this is the place. Tips/donations are never required but always appreciated. ^^ (Streamer gets more of the money tips this way)


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Gaming Rig: Mobo: ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming CPU: i7-6700K Graphics: GTX 980 Memory: 32 GB HDD: 128GB SSD + 2TB 7200 RPM Platter Cam: c920 Mic: AT2020USB Streaming Box: Ehh... Not so great. >.<