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Heyho~ Welcome to the shrine! I am a shrine kitsune! The shrine appears only opens during the ungodly hours of the day when you least expect it. Pwease do visit the shrine whenever you can. Remember to listen to the bells when the shrine gate opens. Don't worry! I love hoomans! I won't bite! Nyomu~

General Rules

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>1. Respect each other Everyone has their own opinion and ideals. Please do not force your views on others. You do not have to agree to their point of view as well. >2. No Cursing at others Do no swear at others. >3. Racism/sexism is a NO. We are all humans here regardless your gender/sexual orientation. >4. No politics allowed! If you found a friend to discuss politics in chat, feel free to have your conversation in the DMs. >5. No Promoting Please respect my stream. No self promo. > *Warning* If rules are broken and not respected, you will be banned.

Sainyaka's Shrine of Dreams

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NyomuNyamu~! I am Sainyaka, a nine-tail fox! Welcome to my shrine of dreams! My shrine offers opportunities for dreamers to achieve their wildest dreams! So do enjoy your stay and dream! But remember everything comes with a price~ Besides attending to my shrine, I love to learn more of the beings of this world. Where ever you come from, what ever you are, don't be shy to say hi~ I am still learning so much of this world. Games and hoomans have me most intrigued. I wish to learn more of them. Currently, I am learning so much with my "mother", Riyou_kisa. Although, she has taught me plenty. I believe that this is where my journey of exploring this era of this world begins~! To new dreams to conquer & amazing adventures with friends! That's me! Thank you for visiting my shrine! I will tell you more of my adventures and stories in the future! For now, I do hope you enjoy your stay in my Shrine of dreams! Let's have an amazing time conquering dreams together! Cyaosu!


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To the wonderful Artists! >Vroid : Riyou_kisa Music : Coffee Shop by Etyy__ Emotes: Riyou_kisa, Jimi, linglu19 & Sainyaka Profile Pic: Kimori_Chan Overlays: Riyou_kisa & streamelements Offline Art : SukizukiIzuna Starting Art : Soyokaze_E2021 Ending Art : SukizukiIzuna


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What are you? >I am 9-tail kitsune that owns a shrine of dreams< If you have 9-tails, where is it? >I fold them up into one big floof or are down under the table sometimes< What do I call you? >Sai-nya-ka, Sain (Sane), Nyaka, Sai< What games do you like? >I love a wide range of games like apex legends/league of legends to mahjong souls. I love playing escape/puzzle games the most.<


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Here's the link to the discord! Welcome to the RKain! Please do remember to read the rules and have fun!

Kofi Donations!

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Give me some Nyomu-cino! Feel like getting me a cup of Kofi? Click right here! Your message and donations will appear on stream!! ; u ;b >Tips/donations are not required but are greatly appreciated! This will help me in unlocking more content and upgrade for better streams! <


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Follow me on youtube~! I post all short clips and some streams that is no longer on twitch anymore!