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I play the harp and games too!

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Hi, I'm Samantha! I'm a professional harpist with a music degree and a love of video game music! I've been making harp covers on [Youtube](http://www.youtube.com/c/samanthaballard) since 2012, and started streaming harp on Twitch in 2018. My mission is to play the music that brings me the most joy and share that joy with others. I'll mostly be streaming harp here, with the occasional game stream too, and I play a variety of music styles, from VGM and anime music to pop and classical and I'm always adding more. Take a look at my !sl if you want to request something! My cat's name is Bilbo and sometimes he likes to sing along :) 06/21/2018 Became an Affiliate! 08/15/2018 400 followers! 09/29/2018 500 followers
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Where to find me on the rest of the internet! [Youtube](http://www.youtube.com/c/samanthaballard) (Over 100 videos!) [Twitter](http://www.twitter.com/SamanthaB_Harp) [Discord](https://discord.gg/3KXcTFT) [Instagram](http://www.instagram.com/SamanthaB_Harp) [Facebook](http://www.facebook.com/samanthaballardharp)
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There are a lot of ways to support the channel! Simply watching and participating in chat are extremely motivational, but if you want to do a little more here are some good ways to do that! [Patreon](http://www.patreon.com/samanthaballard) - more of your money actually gets to me and there's lots of perks over there too! Become a sub - you get access to my custom emotes, and there will be more perks to come! Check out my [Merch](http://rdbl.co/2wNqOf3) and [Sheet music](http://bit.ly/2wuM2OT) You can also tip (see below!)

Chat Rules

-Be respectful -Keep it PG-13 -English please! -Don't hit on me. Lastly, have a good time! :)
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Tips are in no way expected but very much appreciated! Tips go towards a) helping me pay my bills and b) helping me keep making this stream and making it better and better! Thanks again! (Click on the button above to tip) *Just a disclaimer: tips are not in return for any goods or services, just to show your appreciation, and are non-refundable. Don't tip if you can't afford it, please take care of yourself first!*


This stream's currency is stardust! During harp streams, before the break there will be a song request raffle. Type !enter to buy a ticket for 50 stardust (up to 10 tickets) and the winner will get to request a song from my song list (type !sl) Type !stardust to see how much you have. How to get stardust: Non-subs get 10 stardust every 10 minutes Subs get 30 stardust every 10 minutes Followers get 50 stardust upon following Cheers get 100 stardust per 100 bits New subs get 250 upon subscribing Tippers get 100 stardust per dollar
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[Merch](https://teespring.com/stores/samantha-ballard) is available on Teespring! Show your love of harp in style with my galaxy harp design, or pick up one of our emotes on a sticker!