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Your new Favorite TIDDY streamer

Just a lil bit about me

Hi my name is Rice or Samuriice_ aka MIAO: the tiddy streamer. I am a variety streamer who streams vidya games. I ususally just play whatever I feel at the moment but I am trying to keep it somewhat consistant. Similarly my schedule is subject to randomness and sudden cancelations because I am indeed indecisive.

For those who would like to donate

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Note that all donations are non-refundable so make sure that you own and have the appropriate amount you want to donate. Ps. All donation will be put toward improvement of the stream and/or food.

Sub here

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Sub here for sum of the coolest Badges n Emotes you've ever seen..ok maybe not the coolest but they're pretty dope.

Instant Mukbong Stream?

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Send me food..come on what are you waiting for?!
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Some stuff I would like to have to help the stream. Don't feel in any way obligated to buy me anything, anything helps.

Go check out this amazing artist

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She is the one who made my wonderful sub badges and redid my emotes. Hit her up on twitter