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Vtuber that plays games poorly. My content is meant for MATURE audiences (18+).

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1. Absolutely NO use of racial slurs. This will result in a Timeout from chat for strike 1 and a full ban for continued use 2. PLEASE keep personal matters, problems, etc. out of chat, this is a public place, private stuff should be kept in DMs or Whispers 3. NO BULLYING. This will be met with immediate timeout from chat and ban if it continues. Respect each other, any mods in chat and me. 4. Please do not advertise other channels unless strictly given permission 5. NO BACKSEAT GAMING. Please do not tell me how to play the game. If I need help, I'll ask.
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Donations and Tips are greatly appreciated but are NEVER required! :) Your donations will go towards 2 main things: 1. Improving stream quality (New model, overlays, etc.) and Improving/upgrading hardware (Monitors, keyboards, PC internals, consoles, etc.) 2. Some of the donations will also go towards everyday things like food and such. I also plan on doing charity streams and fundraisers in the future. All donations DURING those streams will go straight to the charity and/or foundation. Hopefully this helps you understand where exactly your donations go and how they're used. As always they are GREATLY appreciated but ARE NOT required. :)


-Reactive PNG was made using picrew! -Scenes are from Streamelements! -Vtuber model made by me in VroidStudio 1.0.4 -Banner made by obaidraja1 on fiverr -Armadillo PNG/Sub badge base design by WolvogNerd and color variations were done by TaikoRedFox -3D Cake model "Birthday Cake" ( by Sakthivel G is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ( -Xmas hoodie made by