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Meathead, 'Merican, Video Game Enthusiast


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Hey, I'm just an old guy that loves gaming. I try to stream when I can but my schedule is pretty crazy. Always down to talk lifting or quotes from the Office or old seasons of the Simpsons. I can't stand talking to myself so hollar if you stop by.


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Week of 7/29-8/4 Mon- Midnight til whenever Tue- Midnight til whenever Wed- Off Thurs- Off Fri- Midnight til whenever Sat- Midnight til whenever Sun- Off I'm not actually taking all those nights off, I just have to work. **All time are CST**
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If you're feeling extra generous, tips are greatly appreciated, although they are totally not necessary. Please, if you are going to donate, only do it because you enjoy the stream and want to support my channel, I won't do requests or anything for money. Thank you!

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