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Hey! nice to meet you, my name is saucygrannys. This is just a short about me I love all games and plan on working well with streaming. This is just something fun for me so lets do our best to stay positive. love you!!

About Me

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I work a normal job as a delivery driver! I am trying to use streaming as a learning experience and use it as a second job! my biggest goal is to make sure that your day continues to get better. - much love to you the reader


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This will link you to my donation page! Thank you for considering donating! Just remember never feel like you need to I'm happy to just have people watch and enjoy stream!

PC specs

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Gaming: PC Processor: I9 12900ks Ram : DDR5^ 32 gigs Graphics card: 3080ti Memory: 1T evo Streaming: PC Processor: I9 10850k Ram : DDR4^ 64 gigs Graphics card: 3060 Memory: 1T evo, 250 gb ssd


# Vtuber parents [@Ven_Lyne]( - Design, Model [@OmniOoman]( -Rigging # Emotes [@Ven_Lyne]( - style from model She is always open for commissions. [@OmniOoman]( for my animeted emotes! @ammoguy - also made sub badges some were made by me but my quality doesn't compare to these art gods.