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Fulltime MapleStory content creator/streamer. My name is Douwe, I'm trying to combine streaming and confronting real life issues. I focus on the journey rather than the destination and hope to have a great time with you all!

Small intro

Welcome! I'm Scardor and I play Maplestory on the Reboot server. All of my advice and commands will be relevant for Reboot only. For every 10 minutes you watch me you get 10 moses, which you can spend on rewards in the [StreamElements]( store. I don't really believe in chat rules, as long as you are not ill-willed I'll pretty much allow anything. I hope you have a great time here! I have BTTV pro, so make sure you have the BTTV extension active so you can make use of the glorious enabled emotes!

Options in the channel

Type !listcommands to find out which commands you can use in the chat! Commands are update regularly. Visit [StreamElements]( to find out what you can do with the points you receive by watching the stream!

Become a Scartard!

As of 28/6/2017 I have a Sub button! Amazon/Twitch prime users can sub to 1 channel for free each month. Subs will have access to sub exclusive emotes, will be able to chat in sub-only mode, will get preference in boss runs and will have a 50% discount for the Moses cost to request songs. Also I will love you just a bit more than the plebs.

Gear Progression advice

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What I do well is see opportunities for people to get stronger. I am thorough and my advice is good and worth it. A € 10 Donation gets you a ~45 mins Gear progression advice session. What to upgrade next and how. A € 20 Donation gets you a ~1,5 Hour Account progression advice session. Gear, Legion, Hyper Stats, Matrix, Link Skills.. everything passes by here and advice on anything you need is given. For both of these I require to be in Discord with you to discuss things through voice-chat. Please include the [necessary information and follow the procedure](

Supporting the stream

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All donations are greatly appreciated as I do stream fulltime and this is my J OMEGALUL B! Thanks in advance!

Getting a NEW PC soon??

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Consider this option for a Discount on your new PC, plus a small affiliate bonus for me!
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Do you want to support me and charity while purchasing games through Humble Bundle? Use partner "Scardor" where possible. Thanks a lot!


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@Scardorgaming Stay tuned for updates!

Honorable mentions

quinolynn... for the awesome pre-limitless AND post limitless overlays! Bishen... for the Offline Screen and new Logo!! BattlebossCC.. for the first donation to my channel and charity! cezar79mx... for helping me train by buffing with mules! Bishen4 for the amazing Offline screen and current Scardor Logo! My donators, Bit Cheerers, Hype Train Conductors, Mods.. and of course all of the Scartards!