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Hello, I'm Craig and I am a Welsh.

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Shwmae! I'm Craig, not as old as I look, and I'm from a place called Swansea in southern Wales. You may know it as the birthplace of Dylan Thomas, or more recently as a hotbed of heroin addiction. On this stream you'll find a variety of things, from chat, to whatever games my potato can run, with discussion on all things from the serious to silly. Sound commands: !banter !barry !bettie !broadcast !clap !cock !cunt !eranu !eswatini !goggles !irish !keegan !miss !nothing !richard !snooker !swansea !thants !twat luvavu !wilhelm !work !wrong
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We don't take things too seriously around here, but here's some ground rules. - Don't be a racist, sexist, homophobe, transphobe, ableist, or generally a discriminatory prick. - If you're going to troll, be good at it. - Take your Twitch drama elsewhere, I really can't be arsed. - If you want to promote something, ask me first. - No crime
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Donations are in no way required or expected, but very much appreciated! Click the sheep if you'd like to send me a donation. All donations are non-refundable.