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Proud member of Mad Game Stream Team!


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Welcome to the stream of Schrade28, i am a proud member of the Mad Funk Game and RiZE stream teams. For more info please look at the other tabs.

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Hello, I'm Schrade_28, Schrade for short. Rather new to streaming, busy schedule prevents me from having a definitive stream schedule but i have a discord to keep in touch with my community. The games i play are action, survival, horror and strategy genres. Please be respectful while in my stream at all times.


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Click the discord tab above to join the community and stay up-to-date.


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Stream Rules: No spamming, respect others in the chat, no talk of religion, race or politics allowed. Please do not discuss age within chat, i will not share mine, i dont need to/want to know yours. Respect the mods at all times. Absolutely no bullying, instant ban.