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Hey I’m scooter! I play games that make me feel good, do DJ sets and chat it up!…Thanks for being here! xx

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Hi! My name is Scooter! I'm a full time DJ here in Melbourne, Australia. On twitch, I do DJ sets, host Trivia Parties and play games that bring me joy, with lovely people. Thanks for being here!
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Tips are never expected but always appreciated! Everything I receive goes right back into improving my stream and my general quality of life. Your name, donation and message will appear LIVE on stream (TEXT to VOICE enabled) [There are also anonymous options] THANK YOU xx []( If you choose to SUBSCRIBE you'll receive AD FREE viewing of this channel for 30 days, a subscriber badge next to your name in chat and access to my custom emotes that only subscribers to this channel can post! All subscriptions and gift subscriptions are SUPER appreciated and help me out bigtime!
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Follow meeeeeeeee. []( []( []( [](