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Just to let you know.....I suck at every game I play. You cool with that? Cool! 😁

Your love and Support

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I don't care how much you tip or if you tip at all I just want you to have a good time and a wonderful experience. Donations cannot be refunded!
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NO RACISM!!! NO HATE SPEECH!!!! NO MEAN COMMENTS TOWARDS ANYBODY!!!! if you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all (violation of any of these rules will result in a permanent ban).
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I started using twitch somewhere back in 2015. Ever since then i made it my goal to do one thing and that is to make people happy. People think that i should do this that and the other and that i shouldn't be nerdy and like anime and video games because it doesn't make me look good. But i dont care about that i stopped caring a long time ago. I love doing what i do so come join me and watch me do what i do best..FAILING AT EVERY GAME I TOUCH!!!!!. Few specifics: I enjoy short walks on the beach. (dont take me out into the sun i will die!!) favorite food: PIZZA!!! ALL DAY!! favorite movie genre: horror/slasher/murder mystery.