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Young working adult who has no clue what he will do...or film here

The Crew

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[Fuzzy343]( a.k.a. Scott. Friend since High School Streams: Mon-Fri 7pm Eastern Rethindrial a.k.a. Henry. Friend since Middle School No Stream, but he'll be around [TheGameStream]( ) a.k.a. Luke. Longest friend. Since 1st Grade. Youtube is his primary stream, but he has twitch too. Other Cool People I may play with: [Lana]( [Teresa](

About ME

I'm 29, from Pennsylvania, and love Resident Evil. I'm a fan of Pirates and Mages, but I'm often the healer. I am also known as 'The Lore Master' to most friends. I often play with friends and love talking! Feel free to say hi and chat.


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Don't be an idiot. Don't be Racist, Sexist...You know the Terms of Service. Google it if you need to read it. Don't spoil story/gameplay unless I tell you that you can. (Or I am doing it, cause I often find spoilers to keep me playing, but this is a courteous action here for others) Please tell me if you: 'Giv'me da goo' or 'Get out'ta da goo'

Ring of Elysium - Referral Code - SDDVW4CPIKT

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Use Code SDDVW4CPIKT when you play Ring of Elysium for the first time (start up the game, on the lobby screen) to help You and I get rewards. You'll get a referral code yourself after a few matches. - Make sure to ge your friends to do it as soon as the start the game the first time


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Anything is appreciated but not expected. Buy me a pint? Or help Support the stream? (All donations are non-refundable) Referral -

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[]( is a great way to watch the streamer you like AND win prizes at the same time! Use the link in the title or the hyperlink above to get a free prize when you sign up. My channel is tied in to twitch so I'll see the chat there too