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Welcome to my stream! I'm just a goofy guy who loves to play video games. Come and join me!

Welcome to my Channel!

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If you're here you've discovered my Twitch Channel! Thank you for dropping in! I stream almost every night, and I stream everything from shooters to shit.


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These are some of my friends and fellow streamers, please check them out! Art for my channel is done by my friend Jess, you can see her art and get submissions from her at


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1) Don't be a jerk, or you'll get strong-armed by my mods!. We're all here to have a good time so just enjoy yourself, but within reason. 2) No backseat gaming. Hints can be ok if I'm stuck but I'm pretty confident I can figure whatever it is out. 3) Don't come into my channel and promote yourself or other streamers and/or bring in drama from other channels, makes yourself look bad. Also don't ask me to change what I'm playing to something else. If I'm playing a game then it's what I feel like playing. All those are bans! 4) No walls of text or speech that should be private (I.E. criminal history or talking about private parts) no one wants to read that shit. 5) Narcissism. If all you wanna do is talk about yourself then there's the door, you can go fuck yourself :)


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If you feel the need to donate to my channel, then please donate to one of the charities I have linked in the description, and help to change a child's life and give them a chance! [Childhelp]( [Blue Ribbon Project]( [Texas CASA](