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Welcome to the official page for the Seattle Online Broadcasters Association! We are broadcasters of all platforms in the Seattle area that want to share, learn, and collaborate!

About SOBA

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We are broadcasters and game developers in the Seattle area that want to share, learn, and collaborate with each other! We want to support and network with you, no matter where your online content resides. We are on a mission to provide the Seattle area online broadcasting community with a resource for collaboration, education, and mutual support.

Seattle Community Meetup - Powered by Twitch

**Seattle Community Meetup (Powered by Twitch)** - SOBA is the organizer of the official "Powered by Twitch" meetup for Seattle and the surrounding area. The Community Meetup is sponsored by [Twitch]( and [GameWorks]( **Broadcaster Roundtable** - The SOBA Broadcaster Roundtable is a guided discussion forum, meant for members of our community to have more in-depth, personal conversations about topics that matter to them. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and organized environment for moderated discussion. The Roundtable meets monthly, and would not be possible without the support of [Vreal]( and [Gawkbox](, Find out when our next event is: * [Seattle Community MeetUp, Powered by Twitch]( * [Other events](!


[Twitch team]( [Twitter]( [Website]( [Discord]( Email (questions and business inquiries): [](

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