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Norse Witch and Artist

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Hello and welcome to the stream! I am Pagan.
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Do NOT be rude, vulgar, racist, sexist, or bully anyone in chat. If you do you will be banned. On this channel I will not allow homophobia, transphobia, or fascist or white supremacy views! If you talk about them you will be banned! Please don't argue with the mods, including the bots as they know the rules. If you find a mod has done something unfairly to you or someone else, send me a whisper on twitch, but please don't argue with them in chat as it will disrupt the stream and the experience for others. You can chat, ask me questions, or just lurk, but always try to have fun.
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The Coven Council is all the amazing people who have helped the channel in one way or another! + Pfig314 - The Geeky Mod + Amonk13 - The Loyal Mod, Computer Guru + the_happy_heathen - The Loving Mod, My Hubby