The name is Steven. I'm a former US Marine, firefighter, paramedic, and father. I play a variety of single player games (because multiplayer games....blah.) Mostly interested in randomizers.


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If you like what you see, drop some money! Helps keep me afloat in these tough times!


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Now I focus primarily on randomizers, such as Metroid Prime 1 and 2, A Link to the Past, and hopefully soon, Ocarina of Time or Windwaker. I also play other retro games on emulators from time to time, usually in the Zelda or Metroid universe, but will also play other RPGs or games that catch my eye.

Who am I?

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Steven is my name! I am a former US Marine, former firefighter, Paramedic, father, and gamer. I play single player games for fun. Mostly randomizers, but will try new games should they pique my interest. I tend to stay in the retro area but one never knows!


I have a discord now! Ask me and I'll send you an invite!