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Visual and Audio Production. A sweet combo of Digital Art and Music Production with Creative elements.


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Hi, I am a Producer, Singer-Songwriter , Sound visual Designer. In General I love to create. I Produce on Ableton Live with my Push 2 , and love looping my Vocals. I use Daz3d software, and currently learning blender for animation. I also love to chat and meet new people and share interest. Check out my [website]( ! Channel : Producing, Singing, Songwriting, Dancing, Exercise, Designing, Inventing fun tings. Location : Originally from New York, but currently In Florida. Height: 5'0" Pet: Snake named Athena. Birthday : October 23. Cusp Baby. Zodiac Sign : Scorpio XXX Passions: Being myself, Being free, and connecting with others who love to be the same. Music, song & Dance. For Business Inquiries Only:


*'Thank you for supporting, it means the world to me, without you I wouldn't be able to Pursue what I love"* All SUBS get Private Snapchat <3 *[Tips]( (or donations) are not required but they are greatly appreciated as they support my channel as I continue to grow it. Please remember, donations/tips are non-refundable.* [CRYPTO TIP] (


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Monday - Art // Digital Art Tuesday - Music Production// Wednesday - OFF// Thursday - Art // Digital Art// Friday - Music Production// Saturday - Freebie Day // Sunday - OFF <3 & All Donations go to improving my channel! Make sure you follow me on social media on IG & have your notifications turned ON so your up to date With schedule <3
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Pretty active on Instagram so don't forget to follow.
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Follow my [Youtube]( <3 Giveaway*** 500 subs get $75 in Bitcoin or Ca$h. Lets have fun !!




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1.Be nice 2.No rude or lewd comments 3.No politics 4.Enjoy the music & have fun. 5.Respect one another, and everyone's right to privacy. 6.NO LINKS, promoting, or clouting.


Wish 4 everything!