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Welcome to the Night Club! I'm a Virtual Streamer, a part-time thief and your host for the night. I play a variety of games and I hope to give you all some serotonin.


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be respectful pls. :]


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Present day thief and night club host VTuber. I have a hazy past, but I hope we can get along.


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SCHEDULE ??? 100% inconsistent but trying to be better :] Sunday: N/A Monday: N/A Tuesday: N/A Wednesday: N/A Thursday: 11 PM CST Friday: N/A Saturday: N/A

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NEW PNG: @ca0323_gg LIVE2D PARENT: @RainedInk on Twitter Emotes: @Seirenna on Twitter old PNG: @Peach_Twilightt on Twitter and peachtwilightt on Twitch. Ending Chibi: @HoshiNyanVT on Twitter and hoshinyanvt on Twitch Waiting/Chilling Chibi: @vimimi3 on Twitter and vimimi33 on Twitch Profile Picture: @bebe_astuaryyy on Twitter and astuaryyy on Twitch chibi Live Model - @creampuffmochi on Twitter


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i like music, feel free to recommend, as the kids say, some comfy vibes or hype bangers. feel free to ask me what music is currently playing!

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currently not taking tips. the thought is appreciated. ^^ pic by @Cookie3v3 on twitter