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art and animation streamer that does his best

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> Welcome to the seykoya stream experience, here you'll hopefully find some half-decent art and background noise. > Vibes here are usually pretty chill but you might stumble upon stream in which my chat stages a coup, or a stream in which I have a mental breakdown. > Either way, it's content. > COMMISSION INFO ON TWITTER #KOYA PEN > [personal ink pen]( I use this for sketching and doodling and lineart and basically anything that involves lines and not colour
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If you want to tip please only do so if you are stable. All purchases are final.


> ### [Clip Studio Paint EX]( > ### [(OLD) Paint Tool Sai v2]( > ### [(OLD) Krita]( > ### [Xp-pen - Artist 15.6]( > ### [(OLD) Monoprice 10 x 6.25 inch Tablet]( > ### [Tourbox NEO]( #why is neco arc on your screen it's a desktop pet or shimeji that interacts with my windows and my cursor
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- Keep your manners. - Links are fine, just don't spam. - I wont do anything to you if you start speaking another language but please don't spam Commands - !discord - !twitter - !music
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The current song is listed on screen most of the time, this is a curated playlist that is updating (hopefully) occasionally shuffled with a third party


- pls nothing NSFW,+ anything overly complicated/causes me discomfort. - these are sketches, I'm not giving you a full rendered piece here. - CHECK IF SKETCH RQ'S ARE ON IN THE STREAM - if all of these are good then you can spend 3000 channel points for a sketch :)