Streaming Phasmophobia with 8 viewers

Hey I play bideo gaems every day except Tuesday at 9:00 pm (GMT+2) for ~5 hours!


Here is a list of games I have completed (or played a lot) on stream: + One Step From Eden + Sekiro + Dark Souls 2 + Dark Souls 3 + Lobotomy Corporation + They Are Billions + XCOM 2 + Undertale + Monster Train + Rimworld + Library of Ruina + World of Horror + StarCraft (all campaigns) + Dawn of War + Dawn of War 2 + Elden Ring + Darkwood


Hey I'm just an average dude from France (but I will exclusively speak english during my streams) who likes video games and wants to share his passion with people on the internet! I play a wide variety of games, currently playing FTL, Library of Ruina (mostly modded) and some RTS titles Feel free to stop by and hang out, I like sharing my interests and thoughts about a game (or about anything really) with people in chat.


Hey I have a discord server now! Feel free to join, link: https://discord.gg/gm2KAk2


+ No ASCII + No backseating unless the tag is on + No spoilers + Don't be an ass
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While donations are always appreciated, they are never needed or asked for. If you do decide to support the stream via a donation, know that I am very thankful and I will read your donation aloud.