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Shadieej streams Music, Gang Beasts and World of Warcraft.

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Hi! My name is Alex and i have been known as "Shadieej" or "Drufix" since the dawn of ages. I have been playing games since i was a little kid and i dont think ill ever stop playing them cause why would you? I live in the netherlands (Holland) where i love to go to hardstyle/hardcore festivals. I started streaming because of mythic progression in world of warcraft. Simply because of the fact that only 20 people are allowed in a mythic raid and therefor we needed to bench 4-5 people who could then watch my stream to keep up with tactics. After a while decided to stream outside of world of warcraft aswell and really loving it! The main reason i like streaming is because when i was younger, i used to play with friends where 1 would hold the controller and play, and the rest were there supporting/helping him/her and i kinda get the same feeling with streaming :) In the real world i work as a programmer :) and if you need any help with programming stuff i might be able to help you out! So dont be afraid to ask for help!
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At this moment i do not run a set schedule! This is due to my busy life. I work about 60 hours a week and then have social things to do aswell. Just make sure you follow the channel and enable notifications when i go live :)
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Reasons you should not donate: - I suck - I'm the worst streamer on Twitch - My face should not be on Twitch - I deserve to get trolled - I already make enough money with my job - I already own a good enough computer for streaming and will not spend the money on upgrading it - You can make a friend or family member happy with a nice gift Reasons you should donate: - You suck - You make more money than me - You want me to spend the money on female companionship - I will spend the money on overpriced tickets to festivals - I will spend your money on whatever religion has forbidden mankind to do