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Hi there, I see you made it into my living room somehow, My name is Mr.Fox, but you can call me Shadow, I love gaming, good times, long romantic walks to my fridge and creating fun memories with you all.


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Donations are not necessary, but are always greatly appreciated Keep in mind that donations are non-refundable


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Hey guys my name is Jeremy, I am a Level 24 bard based somewhere in the United States, I enjoy gaming in general, I don't take sides on which platform is better, we're all gamers so just game. I'm heavily affiliated with Las Cruces Game Knights, a non profit dedicated to gaming and creating a sanctuary for gamers regardless of experience, age, gender just game and have fun.


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I will be posting LPs here as well as various highlights from streams here. My channel is a joint collaboration between me and a few friends.


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Specs and Systems

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Intel Core i5-6400 DDR4 16G NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 6GB HDD 1TB SSD 512GB 2 TB My Passport External HDD Nintendo Switch Playstation 5 Super Nintendo Classic Edition Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition Wii/Wii U Nintendo 64 Nintendo Gamecube Playstation 2 Playstation Classic Sega Genesis Mini Sega Dreamcast

What do I stream

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I typically play Retro titles, but do dabble in some modern ones every now and then. Thursdays are usually dedicated to Party Games, usually Mario Party

Da Rules

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This is a "safe zone," Please be respectful of me and the group Pretty self explanatory Slang and use of curse words are allowed (That doesn't mean slurs are permitted!) This is a given, but follow the Twitch guidelines Please be respectful to me and my mod team UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU ALLOWED TO SELF-PROMOTE on my streams, I have a discord tab for shameless self-promotion. I also enforce a strict NO FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW/ SUB FOR SUB policy, it's an absolute insta-ban.. that isn't how you network with streamers, also it's against TOS so don't do it.

Convention/Event Schedule

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Feel Free to join our Discord server, we have a wide variety of communities for you to join and discuss various interests, we will be planning extra goodies as we continue streaming.


here is a list of the games I have finished on Stream Completed: Metal Gear Solid the Twin Snakes (Gamecube) Super Metroid (SNES) Metroid Prime (Wii) Super Smash Bros 64 Melee Until Dawn (PS4) Playthrough 1/??? Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) Luigi's Mansion (GCN)