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Full time content creator - Getting up to that mischief and mayhem! Come join us baby


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About Me!

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Hey Guys n Gals, First off welcome to my page. I appreciate you stopping by, feel free to say hey in chat or lurk away my friend, just know I THANK YOU for hanging out! My name is Matt but most call me Shanksy, I'm a full time variety streamer on Twitch with two Youtube Channels, Shanksy and Shanksy Reacts! I play a whole host of games from Marvel Strike Force on Mobile, Warframe on all platforms, Dead by Daylight and Destiny to name but a few! I love playing games on all platforms and try to do as much variety as possible to get to play games with all the community! I've been playing games for as long as I can remember, through hours of Sonic and Alex the Kid, to the Fallout franchise (Yup the first one onwards including tactics forgetting Brotherhood!) to one of the very first loves of my life Diablo 2! I have been Streaming since January 2018, getting partnered with both Warframe and Twitch that same year. I run a small stream team called the wolf pack of some phenomenal casters all of whom share the ethos of being as interactive as possible (Sometimes at the expense of gameplay.... In my case always at the extend of gameplay 🙂 )  My channel ethos as it where is 'Beards, Banter and Below Average Gameplay!' where aiming to have a laugh, often at the expense of me being dead yet again 😂I also try to do a charity stream every few months for various causes, mainly mental health and if you need someone to talk to we have sections in the discord for help and my DM's are always open! Please note I'm not a trained councillor merely a friend who is always happy to listen to you!  Enjoy your stay and know that I love your FACE! Shanksy


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You can keep up to date with my live times and other random funny animals things I find on Twitter!


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You can subscribe to the channel by paying $4.99 a month or using your twitch prime free subscription to gain access to exclusive subscriber only emote and ad-free viewing as well as the satisfaction of knowing you are awesome and what makes the stream possible! Link If You're On Mobile [ ]

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