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Wattsup! Welcome to Shape Noise on twitch where we make music on machines, mix tunes on computers, create sounds on devices, hang out with music makers, chat about funny tech stuff and play games. Thanks for hanging out!


Give us a follow on the socials and check out the music on Bandcamp, YouTube or your favorite stream listening platform. [**Instagram**]( | [**Youtube**]( | [**Twitter**]( | [**Facebook**]( [**Mixer**]( | [**Patreon**]( | [**TikTok**]( | [**Modular Grid**](


#[**Shape Noise**]( Voltage techno music to move to. [**Plantoid**]( Plant generated music to chill to. [**Kill SCRN**]( Machine music jams to drive to.


#Thanks for hanging out and listening! A few ways to support Shape Noise: #[**Donate**]( | [**Patreon**]( | [**Download Tunes**]( Enjoying yourself in life is all the support I truly ask for! 100% of all donations are reinvested into the growth of the project. Thanks for the support!
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